Mini Denim Diamond iPad Cover

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Busy lives and packed schedules call for a bag that does it all. By day, this handy accessory makes the perfect case for your tablet. By night, it’s an eye-catching clutch, with room for all your evening essentials.

Made from water-resistant coated denim, this quilted clutch features gold hardware with a magnetic closure and a useful zip pocket to the reverse. Peek inside and you’ll find our durable nylon lining, printed with a bold bohemian motif and woven to withstand rips and tears. This is style with substance.

22 (W), 15 (H), 1 (D) cm

*** Note these are the last few clutches we have in stock. They are all absolutely fine, however may have a small imperfection with logo etc and haven't pass our quality control so are classified as SECONDS. Each item will of course vary. ***