About Us

A Finnish – Australian handbag and accessories label where functionality meets fashion.

The heart of TAIKKA lies in its name, translated from Finnish as ‘either/or’. Designed with a variation of interchangeable straps, TAIKKA bags are created with the busy woman in mind and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Think clutches that swing from the wrist, pouches that double as makeup bags and satchels that become shoppers.
Riikka Juva and Mia Jones met in London, but their roots are at opposite ends of the globe: Helsinki and Melbourne. One enjoyed year-round sunshine, the other was more familiar with rain and snow. In their search for a bag that suited all seasons and pursuits, TAIKKA was born.
TAIKKA is a shining example of running a business in the digital age. Their desks may be situated half a world apart, but with the help of modern technology, Riikka and Mia have turned what may be seen as a stumbling block into a positive. Thanks to their opposite time zones, TAIKKA operates 24 hours a day, catering to customers all across the globe.
“We have the great British weather to thank for the TAIKKA concept. After we met in London, we realised the necessity of having a bag that is rain-proof, but doesn’t sacrifice style or quality. As something we all rely on as part of our daily lives, handbags were a natural first step for TAIKKA.” – Riikka Juva and Mia Jones, TAIKKA founders.
Crafted from high quality fabrics, TAIKKA is best described as everyday luxury without the price tag. In seeking out alternatives to leather (which is easily damaged by rain), TAIKKA work with innovative textiles that are practical, durable and sustainable.
TAIKKA Helsinki
TAIKKA bags take their cue from the Nordic minimalist aesthetic that Riikka knows and loves; think muted external colours and understated silhouettes. Helsinki forecasts can be unpredictable to say the least, so Riikka wanted to create bags that were weather-smart for every season. With family ties to Brazil and specifically the colourful city of Sao Paolo, Riikka wanted to incorporate the country’s love of all things bright and beautiful into their bags and that’s why the bags have playful, fun interiors. 
TAIKKA Melbourne
Whether reclining on sandy beaches, or pounding the city streets, Australian-native Mia knew the importance of a multi-functional bag. Crafted from denim, nylon and neoprene, all TAIKKA bags are water-resistant, or more specifically, weather-proof. Blending the urban landscape with the surf-ready waves, the neoprene collection blends two very different skylines, for bags that are both edgy and hard-wearing. This is style with substance.
With the recent launch of the ananas+ clutches, an innovative vegan fabric crafted from the pineapple leaf, TAIKKA believe the future of fashion lies in innovative and sustainable textiles. The brand continues to expand on their core collection, having recently added scarves to their range. Whether handbags or accessories, the concept of versatility and adaptability remains a brand signature. The future looks bright, come rain or shine.
Riikka and Mia x