Neoprene Clutch (Red)

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Our Neoprene Clutch is a blend of city meets surf. Taking inspiration from our friends who ride the waves, we crafted our clutch from red textured neoprene, for a bag that’s edgy, hard-wearing and perennially stylish.

Featuring a removable red patent strap, this clutch can be swung from the wrist or held in hand. Lined with gold durable nylon, (designed to withstand rips and tears), this clutch is all about texture. Our TAIKKA logo in red patent leather contrasts with a subtle gold eyelet. Finished with a gold zip closure, this clutch is the perfect partner for our Neoprene Tote.

Also available in Electric Blue.

21.5 (w) x 15 (H) cm

*** Note these are the last few clutches we have in stock. They are all absolutely fine, however some have a small imperfection/discolouration to parts of the de-bossed logo etc and haven't pass our quality control, thus are classified as SECONDS. Each item will of course vary. ***