From pineapple waste to groovy bag



So it all started in London, over many cups of coffee and lots of Finnglish chit chat! A Finn & an Aussie joining forces to create a brand that makes easygoing bags and accessories that go with either this or that (taikka means 'either/or' in Finnish). We strive for all of our pieces to have the utmost of versatility and functionality, whilst always having a funky vibe. 


Eco Collection

Neoprene Collection


Nylon Collection

Sale & Seconds

"An amazing bag I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! I purchased this bag as a ‘beach’ bag due to its size but it has now become my favourite everyday bag. The flash of yellow interiors gave it interest without being too glitzy. Recently I went on holidays and I overloaded the poor bag with way too much stuff. Although I could see the handles straining from the weight, it never broke!! Amazing!" 

Ces, May 2018

"These beautiful clutch bags are made from pineapple leaves and we’re obsessed."

Holly Royce, Metro UK

"This new handbag range is made from pineapple leaves - and it’s stolen our hearts."

Stylist Magazine Online, May 2017